Under the guidance of newly appointed Archbishop Coleman Carroll, the 迈阿密大主教管区 set out to build a seminary on the outskirts of budding Miami 50多年前. 在将迈阿密设立为教区的教皇文件中, Pope Pius XII issued just one specific directive: the founding of a minor 教区内的欧宝博彩. 6月7日, 1959, construction crews broke ground on the new seminary in the suburban neighborhood of Westchester. 在圣. 约翰Vianney, the Congregation of the 任务 (also known as the Vincentian Fathers) staffed the minor seminary's high school and two-year general college program. Archbishop Carroll diligently oversaw its construction and (just three months after the groundbreaking) more than 7,500名旁观者见证了奉献仪式.

Seeing enrollment triple from its original size by the fall of 1961, St. 约翰Vianney 欧宝博彩 continued to add more buildings to its campus. As the seminary's needs grew, so did the generosity of the Archdiocese's people. Recognizing the need for a fitting home for seminarians and staff to gather around the altar each day, 大主教科尔曼·卡罗尔开始建造 圣礼拜堂. 1964年9月6日,拉斐尔. Due in large part to a generous donation by Mary Louise Maytag, heiress to the Maytag fortune, St. 拉斐尔 Chapel (in its distinct neo-gothic style with high walls and large overhangs that bear resemblance to the archangel 拉斐尔's wings) will become the recognizable symbol of the seminary.

The Second 梵蒂冈 Council ushered in an era of reform throughout the Church, 包括欧宝博彩的信息. Before the Council, seminaries were a two-tier system: minor seminaries and major seminaries. Minor seminaries provided teens interested in the priesthood with formation by way of a high school and additional two-year liberal arts program of studies in preparation for the major seminary. Major seminaries provided young men called to the priesthood with formation and higher education (philosophy and theology) leading to ecclesiastic degrees and ordination. 相比之下, the Second 梵蒂冈 Council advised seminary formation to begin after men completed their high school education. The seminary system transformed into college seminaries and theological seminaries. College seminaries now form men in an undergraduate college setting, 毕业后获得哲学学士学位duation. Theological seminaries continue formation in a graduate studies environment in which men will be ordained, 获得神学硕士学位.

As a result of the Second 梵蒂冈 Council's directive, the high school program at St. 约翰·维安尼小欧宝博彩于1974年关闭. 第二年, the Vincentian Fathers left the seminary and staffing responsibility turned over to the 迈阿密大主教管区. 然而,为期两年的文科课程仍然开放. 有些门关上了, others open: administration began to develop a four-year college seminary program with a concentration in philosophy. St. 约翰·维安尼小欧宝博彩成为圣. 约翰·维安尼学院欧宝博彩. Although this difficult transformation involved transitioning from a previous emphasis on high school education to that of a four-year college, certain priests helped to guide the seminary through its growth, 包括Msgr. John Nevins (later Bishop of the 威尼斯教区 in Florida), 谁成为了学院欧宝博彩的第一任院长. 他和第一任教务长Fr. 肖恩·奥沙利文带领学院欧宝博彩进入了一个新时代.

St. 约翰·维安尼的第二任校长,约翰·维安尼. 罗伯特。林奇(现为圣. 彼得堡),继续改善欧宝博彩. 1979年到达, Lynch made a dedicated effort to recruit faculty and staff that adequately fulfilled its mission. Among many distinguished personnel, Sister Trinita Flood, O.P., arrived as the second Academic Dean after great success in developing nearby Barry University. An influx of seminarians from the Caribbean as well as Central and South America, 此外,对教师办公空间的需求也在不断增长, 需要扩张. In 1983, using money that Mary Louise Maytag set aside for further development, 欧宝博彩又建了一栋楼. The construction of the Maytag Memorial 图书馆 and adjacent 政府 Building gave the campus library a permanent home and allowed for the addition of more classrooms and bedrooms to the preexisting Carroll Building.

     As plans developed to add yet another building in response to the seminary's growing enrollment, 在圣. 约翰·维安尼学院欧宝博彩 radically dipped below 30 men. 许多课程只有为数不多的欧宝博彩学生. This not only ended the hope of further expansion but now threatened the seminary with the danger of closing under the serious burden of financial upkeep. Then, in August of 1992, Hurricane Andrew ravaged campus with major and extensive damage. These trials brought out the very best in the entire staff as they stepped up to save the seminary. 出于对圣. 约翰Vianney, many staff members took pay cuts for several years without requesting a single cent of compensation.

在此之前,他曾在圣. 约翰·维安尼(约翰Vianney)担任学生事务主任. John Noonan (currently the Bishop of the 奥兰多教区) ushered in a new millennium as rector. 然后,接替他的是奥巴马. Michael Carruthers began the implementation of a wave of improvements that focused on the importance of the humanities, including the inception of a fund that allowed seminarians to attend enriching cultural events in the Miami area. 也, the academic program shifted to a greater emphasis upon the humanities through the institution of annual junior projects that aimed at augmenting that class' understanding of a particular topic in art and culture. 2019年,St. 约翰·维安尼纪念其成立60周年.